Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Yummy Pies!!

Nothing much else happened today – I was on call, but there weren’t that manyt admissions. I was actually a little bored. I had to stay until 9pm, and I only admitted 2 new patients. And I missed Quizzo with everyone else (except Lisa and Phil, who were also on call) at the Bull & Bush. I actually did try to make it, because we got out right at 9pm, and Quizzo didn’t end until about 10pm. The night transport people at the hospital (which we use when it’s too dark to walk home) actually said that they would drive me there. But then we got on the road, and apparently a big football (soccer) game between Botswana and some other country – which is a big deal – had just ended and there was a ton of traffic! The driver was no longer willing to take me to the Bull & Bush, but even if he had been willing, it probably would have taken him half an hour to get me there, and then I would only have stayed for half an hour. So it wasn’t really worth it. We’ll make it to the Bull & Bush eventually – it’s a big place for ex-pats and foreigners to hang out.

I did go to have lunch at the main mall with a bunch of people. We all went to Pie City, which sells all these different handheld pot pies. I had a chicken peri peri pie. Peri peri is their version of a hot sauce, and the pie was pretty spicy! But it was really good, and it’s pretty inexpensive – the pie, plus a drink ran less than P10. I will definitely be coming back for more pies. Although I may try the competing pie place next time – it’s called Pie Time. I think that’s sorta funny.

It was also pretty cool because I talked with Betsy a lot today – she’s getting an anthropology PhD from University of Chicago. I believe she’s on a Fulbright scholarship, and knows Setswana relatively well. So I had her teach me a bunch of stuff. We also had some good discussion about the health system in Botswana, and the different organizations, both international and home governmental, that provide health care, medications, and supplies. If I have time, I’ll definitely write more about it later, because it’s pretty interesting.

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