Monday, August 13, 2007

The first day at the Princess Marina Hospital

This was the first day of work! I started my first day on call on the pink male ward (there are female/male pink/green/blue wards). Kiona and Kristy are on blue female. Philip is on pink female, so we are on call the same nights. The good thing about being on call Monday is that the rest of the week is free! However, I only got 4 hours of sleep the night before. So the morning was rough. Every day starts out with intake at 7:30 am, where we go over the previous day’s admissions. Monday intake is super long because it includes all the weekend’s admissions in addition to Friday’s admissions. Then I rounded with Boipelo Lecoge (an MO, or medical officer, which means she’s finished internship at some point and may be working or in transition to residency) and Dr. Stefanski, a specialist (what they call attendings) from Australia. The residents act as specialists here, so Sarah would have been my specialist, but she left yesterday for 2 weeks to go back to the US to take boards. So Dr. Stefanski is covering for her. Mike Chattergoon is also a resident from HUP who is a specialist here, and he is on blue male, so he can be a resource for me when I’m looking for help with procedures or other things.

It wasn’t too crazy of a day, but I ended up admitting 3 patients all by myself – Dr. Lecoge did all the ongoing patient work while I was going to lecture and admitting. She had to go home at 4pm and came back at 9pm because she was on call. Mike left early because he got sick, so I didn’t really have him to help me out either. All the other students are on the female side so I don't really have their support either. Meanwhile this other MO Suna was the covering MO for both the female and male wards and she was awful. She kept disappearing for an hour at a time and she didn’t really want to help me out until Dr. Stefanski made a point to ask her to help me out. All in all it was an okay day. It will definitely take a while for us to adjust to this new hospital and figure out how everything gets done.

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