Thursday, August 23, 2007

Walking home

Nothing much happened again today. I had very few patients – I think our list is down to 8 people! So I finished all my work by 11am, and went to Main Mall again with Betsy for about an hour and a half. We stopped at the Spar (a grocery store) for some household items, and I came back and helped Phil and Lisa out a bit but still got home pretty early. I was willing to stay later and help them some more, but they pretty much insisted that I go home. I have to say, it was a little disconcerting walking home alone, even though it was still light out. We use these back paths to get to the hospital because it’s closer and faster than walking along the main roads, and unless it’s morning “rush hour” or evening “rush hour” it’s pretty deserted even during the daytime. And people have definitely gotten mugged before, even when it’s light out. It's funny - I end up saying hi to everyone, as a sort of prophylaxis. And others do it too! I guess we figure that if we seem nice to someone, they won't mug us. And it's not like it's strange - it's actually very common for complete strangers to say "Hello, ma'am/sir" passing each other on the street. So it was a little weird, but nothing happened.

I got home and finished my personal statement. Woo hoo. I sent it to Pete to have a look at it. But I’ve seriously got to get working on the rest of my applications for residency!

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