Sunday, December 30, 2007


Around this time of year I suppose tons of people are thinking about family, and usually with family. I'm really lucky to have a great one, and just as lucky to be marrying into another great one.

Here's my family back in Sacramento:

And here is the family I'm marrying into - with twins in the family it is pretty much impossible to get everyone together at the same time for a group shot, but here are a few pictures of them separately:

I am super lucky to have two such wonderful families... but sometimes I wish I could be close in distance to both at the same time. I'm on the east coast right now, and there's a good chance I will be staying here for quite a long time, and my mom, dad, brother and sister are all still in California - I definitely miss them.

And get this - this Christmas was the first time they met! Not everyone - that would have been pretty difficult, but Carol (Pete's mom) came over to California to meet my family. It went pretty much as expected, which was wonderfully.

Everyone got along very well, and we had a great Christmas. In fact, I'm still humming Christmas songs, much to Pete's chagrin, I'm sure. :)