Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Arranging travel plans at Game City

I had been stressing about how I was going to get from Gaborone to Livingstone to meet Pete, then from Maun back to Livingstone after our safari, then from Livingstone to Windhoek to meet Bruce, and then from Windhoek back to Gabs. I decided that I could take this overnight bus from Gabs to Livingstone, and Pete and I could either rent a car or take public transportation for getting from Maun to Livingstone. Both trips seemed pretty secure, and I had reliable sources tell me that they were possible.

However, taking public transportation from Livingstone to Windhoek, and then from Windhoek to Gaborone was not only unpredictable and uncertain, but it would also take a ridiculous amount of time! Between the two trips, I think I would have been en route for a total of 45 hours! And there was the possibility of missing transfers (I think the Livingstone to Windhoek trip alone would have required something like 5 or 6 transfers to different combis and buses), or there not being buses at all, leaving me stuck in some pretty small towns. So I bit the bullet and bought a $1000 plane ticket taking me from Livingstone to Windhoek and then eventually from Windhoek back to Gabs. Both flights go through Jo’burg since it’s a South African Airlines flight. It’s super expensive, but I think if I was traveling for 45 hours later, I would be cursing myself for not buying the ticket. So this afternoon we finished way early and I went to Game City (another American-style mall) to the SAA office and got my plane ticket. I’m so relieved!

Game City is pretty interesting – it’s the only completely indoor mall in Gabs, and it’s very westernized. There are tons of clothing stores, a movie theater, some restaurants and a food court, and other little shops selling random things. After school, teenagers were everywhere, dressed as nice as possible. J I had lunch at the Mug N Bean (a big yummy chicken burger with avocado, cheese, etc) and wandered around a bit.

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