Saturday, March 14, 2009

Little Fish

We just went to Little Fish for dinner tonight. It was excellent - enough so that I have to blog about it. :D

For appetizers, we had diver scallops with orange, almond and serrano ham as well as peekey toe crab with red beet, tarragon butter and shaved fennel. The crab was very flaky with an excellent texture - a little plain, but still good. However, the diver scallops were excellent - cooked to perfection with a wonderful flavor, and surprisingly good with the almonds and mandarin orange slices.

For entrees, I had the skate (a type of ray) with truffled spaetzle and shredded leeks. I think this is their most praised entree. This was absolutely amazing! The skate was fried lightly so that it was crispy on the outside but very soft and moist on the outside. The sauce was a salty parmesan broth that complemented it very well. The leeks were also tasty and complemented the strong-tasting fish very well. Pete had mahi mahi with a sweet potato puree which I believe was also very good, but not nearly as good as the skate. I would go back to eat skate at this restaurant any time.

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