Thursday, November 6, 2008

West Philly Obama party

I know this is mostly a medical blog, but Tuesday was a pretty great day for many different reasons, one of which was the presidential race. Impromptu street parties broke out in several areas in Philadelphia, one of which was in West Philadelphia - my neighborhood. It was absolutely amazing. Drummers and musicians came out to 47th and Baltimore and started playing for hours and hours. We didn't come across it until 1am, the musicians had already been going for several hours, and apparently it lasted until about 4am! People were chatting and dancing in the street, which was nearly blocked off. When cars or trains did manage to make it through, everyone was hi-fiving passengers and each other. "O-ba-ma" and "Yes we can" and "U-S-A" cheers broke out throughout the night to the drum beats. I saw so many people I know from the community there, and it was a really really great feeling. My cell phone couldn't take any good pictures, but somebody managed to capture it on video: