Sunday, November 2, 2008

ABATE Philadelphia Biker Toy Run to CHOP

One of my favorite events in the city is the annual ABATE (a motorcyclist rights group in Delaware) sponsored toy run to CHOP. Once a year in November (it happens to be today), thousands of bikers come together to donate toys to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

bikes on the run to chop to hand in our toys 10

They clog up the highways and streets for miles and miles around the city, and the city dispatches cops to help manage the traffic. Any and all bikers are invited to join in, so although you see the occasional recreational biker or motorcycle-owner in the long line of donors, most of them seem to be real "bikers." There are a lot of negative preconceptions about bikers, and it really warms my heart to see some of them, whom I'm sure have very little themselves, donate their time and money to help some sick kids. Nothing beats seeing a big huge bad-ass biker riding his Harley with a huge stuffed bear on his handlebars - it makes me feel like there's still a lot of good, and a lot of people that want to do good, in this world.

Although this video is not of great quality, and lasts quite a long time - you get the idea:

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Jack Dixon said...

It was another great run this year!