Tuesday, February 10, 2009


From Smallwood Feb 7, 2009

That was a fun weekend.


Jerry said...

Your Smallwood pictures make me smile.
As to med. Records the VA system works great. The Drs, love it also. Not the old ones!!
I guess the stimulus will pay. That means you and me.
See you soon.

JoJoJangJang said...

Thanks! It was a great weekend. Many people love the VA system - but it was 20-30 years in the making and apparently there were some very very bad years in there where many records were lost and it didn't work very well. Of course, it's probably still worth it to try to set up a universal record keeping system. And maybe people can learn from the VA system and how that was set up. I'm hopeful but doubtful. :)

mrblack said...

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